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Monday Mar 18, 2019

The Scripps Spelling Bee of rap songs, sponsored by Latrell Spreewell.

Monday Mar 11, 2019

How fun is watching Arson? In Detroit, it's everyhing.

Monday Mar 04, 2019

The legend of Lil Jon, and how he drives economy through his encouragement of the pole professional. 

Monday Feb 25, 2019

Finally, an episode with animal references...unless you count zombies.

Monday Feb 18, 2019

Congrats, you're getting married! Now enjoy the ultimate anthem for turnin' tricks.

Monday Feb 11, 2019

An ode to road rage, trafficking poultry, and one of the most absurd verses of all time. 

Monday Feb 04, 2019

Let's Get it: Thug Motivation 302: Build A Snowman with Professor Elsa. That should be the album name.

Monday Jan 28, 2019

Captain Save a Hoe himself, Grant Lipschultz, joins the show with a brand new format on an old classic

Monday Jan 21, 2019

The signature Rap noise rankings, plus a word on Soulja Boy.

Monday Jan 14, 2019

Shout out to all my pears, and Kanye-level dads.

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